Programs Offered by Agnirath Aerospace and Defence Research Private Limited:

1.    Educational Workshops:
       •    Tailored workshops for schools and colleges
       •    Hands-on training in aerospace technology
       •    STEM-focused curriculum to inspire young minds

2.    Citizen Science Initiatives:
       •    Engaging the public in scientific research
       •    Data collection and analysis opportunities
       •    Collaborative projects for space exploration

3.    Sounding Rocket Development:
       •    Cost-effective and reliable sounding rockets
       •    Customizable solutions for commercial purposes
       •    Cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing techniques

4.    Technology Demonstration:
       •    Showcasing innovative space technologies
       •    Demonstrating the capabilities of advanced systems
       •    Collaboration with research institutions and industry partners


5.    Astronomy Outreach:
       •    Public events and stargazing sessions
       •    Educational resources on astronomy
       •    Promoting awareness and understanding of the cosmos

6.    Workshops on Astrophotography:
       •    Techniques for capturing stunning celestial images
       •    Post-processing and editing skills
       •    Practical sessions to enhance astrophotography skills

7.    Aerospace Training Programs:
       •    Comprehensive courses on aerospace technology
       •    Covering rocket systems, avionics, and propulsion
       •    Designed for aspiring aerospace professionals

8.    Research Collaboration:
       •    Collaborative projects with universities and institutions
       •    Advancing scientific knowledge in the field of aerospace
       •    Joint efforts to push the boundaries of space exploration

At Agnirath Aerospace, we are dedicated to offering a diverse range of programs that cater to education, citizen science, technology development, and research collaboration. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the aerospace industry, inspire the next generation, and explore the limitless possibilities of space.

Citizen Science Projects

Engage public in scientific research, fostering collaboration and discovery.

Webinars on Astronomy

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of astronomy through our informative and engaging webinar series.

Astronomy Courses

Discover the wonders of the universe with our enriching astronomy course.

Aerospace Courses

Embark on a journey of aerospace exploration with our comprehensive and hands-on courses.


Artificial Intelligence in Space Research

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes space research with its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, enabling efficient data analysis, and autonomous systems, and enhancing our understanding of the universe.

Course Duration - 4 Days

Course Fees - ₹399/- + GST

Registration Open

Role of Data Science in Astronomy

Unlocking the Potential of Data Science in Astronomy: Witness the transformative power of data science in highly advanced fields like astronomy. Explore how data-driven insights revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos and shape the future of astronomical research.

Course Duration - 4 Days

Course Fees - ₹399/- + GST

Registration Open

Robotics in Space Research

Experience the cutting-edge fusion of robotics and space technology. Explore how robotics revolutionizes space exploration, from autonomous rovers on Mars to intricate repair missions in orbit. Unleash the power of robotics in the final frontier.

Course Duration - 4 Days

Course Fees - ₹399/- + GST

Registration Open


Capture the beauty of the cosmos with astrophotography. Discover techniques to photograph stunning celestial objects, from breathtaking nebulae to distant galaxies, and unlock the wonders of the universe through the lens.

Course Duration - 1 Day

Course Fees - ₹2,999/- + GST

Registration Open